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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ahh, finishing touches being put on the made in america festival, one of the biggest labor day weekend parties in the country. meantime down the shore the board are expecting big crowds for one last hooray this weekend marking unofficial end of the summer. plus, a deadly shooting in the middle of a busy friday
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night on south street, man is dead this morning and police are hunting for clues and a suspect. also, the presidential campaign is heating up, candidates are traveling the country to garner support but it is how new jersey governor chris christie is traveling that has some folks really upset. why some want him grounded. we will explain. it is saturday, september 5th, good morning, we're so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. just past 6:00 on this holiday weekend. i'm hearing is there good news. lets get right over to kyla. thank you for bringing the good news. >> this is what you call awesome weekend, fantastic, pick your adjective, it is perfect no matter where you are in the city, at the shore, poconos, everybody is getting on the the action. >> in the words, awesome thoughts. >> do you remember that one of the new word. >> that was one of our new word. >> i was surprised at the word they pick. >> it is official. >> it is also official that we have a fantastic weekend on
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tap, everybody. get ready to get outside and enjoy it no matter where you are. dew points are still up there, lower 60's, even 07 in dover. we have some moisture in the air but as that starts to burn off today, we will start to see, much lower humidity levels. so today and tomorrow will be feeling lovely, pleasant, awesome, pick your adjective but notice that we will start getting more steamy and humid a as we head into monday and tuesday. so actual labor day holiday will be warmer. we have 72 in philadelphia 72 at atlantic city. sixty-nine in reading. as we look live at storm scan three you can see blue skies will be with us today a little blip on the radar there to the north of havers town that will be moving on out. as we are set up for a lovely day to day. high of 84 in philadelphia. seventy-seven at the shore with the breeze. poconos abot 5 degrees. sunshine, gorgeous, perfect , all of those word apply. not just today and tomorrow but heat is coming back next week. i will be back in a few moments to talk about that. i thought we were done witt, but no, we have a few more
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90's in our future. >> we will take it, i guess. made in america festival kicks off to today and big crowd, of course, expect. doors opened up at noon but event is sold out. eye witt the necessary news reporter syma chowdhry is live on the parkway where finishing touches are being put on the day's event, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you take a look around, the parkway looks like it is ready for the music and for concert goers. >> huge fan of beyonce so exited to see her tomorrow night. >> beyonce, i don't know y it is beyonce and i want to see all of the single ladies. >> reporter: made in america festival kicks off with beyonce head lining the show. the two day event takes over the parkway, but not just with music. there will be more than 40-foot trucks to please your taste buds. as for the ear pleasing part of this, there will be five stages, with 62 acts. 70,000 people are expected and they are filling up area
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hotels. many plan to take in some sights and sound outside of the festival. >> this is actually my first time, i want to see the well, the love sign, so many things i want to see. >> i'm excited for cheese steaks. that is all i want three days in a row. >> reporter: and if he gets sick of that there is plenty on have food trucks a as we have mentioned. over here we have crab cakes, ice cream, in coincidence that we are doing our live shot right here just in case they decided to open up early, which i doubt. nicole, i have to ask you, i asked you this last half an hour, think about it, is what your favorite beyonce song. >> i knew this was coming and i'm's prepared. i got to go with irreplaceable. >> that is a good song. >> to the left, to the left. >> everything you own in the box to the left. >> yes. >> that is all i got. >> what about you, do you have a favorite. >> i like run the world, who
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runs the the world. >> girls. >> that is perfect for our show because we're all women here this morning. >> that is a good one, single ladies, it doesn't really apply here. >> list goes on and on and on. >> yes. >> how can you go wrong. by the way, several road are close add long the surrounding, parkway until tuesday, september 8th, expect lots of delays driving around the art museum this weekend and probably best to avoid it. if you have to get in and around there, meisha johnson will have a closer look in the next half an hour. twenty-one days for the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia and world meeting of families has announced availability of more tickets. beginning tuesday september 8th at noon 10,000 tickets will be available to the public for the went pope francis at independent mall on saturday, september 26th. you can get those tickets and then ticket will be available on first couple first serve basis.
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so, keep that in mine. they are limited to four per person. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit, everything you need to necessity is on the web site at cbs philly to the come. switching gears, philadelphia police investigating a shooting overnight in frankford. it happened in the 1800 block of harrison street. a three two-year old man has been taken to the hospital with the gunshot wound to the leg. police say there could also be a second victim, there is no word on what cause that had shooting. another deadly shoot to go tell but this one on south street, while thousands of people were outside waiting for a concert. gunfire erupted outside theater of the living arts in the 300 block of south street, one person a man was shot and rushed to hahnemann hospital where he died, hundreds of people, awaiting for that concert so a big group of people, big crowd there one bullet went through windshield of the tour bus park just out front. >> now due to the fact this is a a homicide and homicide occurred in such proximity to the theater and concert did in the start yet, we made a
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decision to cancel the concert. so we have moved everyone in line, hundreds of people, we moved them out of the area, in order to secure the scene. we're holding the tour bus. is there still about a hundred people in the theater. we are leaving them in there for now because if they come out they could disturb the crime scene. >> police are looking for a man may have fled in the limousine. police found a limousine and they are questioning everyone inside. they also recovered a handgun near the scene, in the wheel well of the parked vehicle there. now to campaign 2016. a democratic state law maker is taking aim at governor chris christie's use of state police helicopters on the presidential campaign trail. recent report shows christie has used the chopper four times to travel to campaign events. state senator lindh greenstein plans to introduce legislation barring new jersey governors from taking those helicopters out of state for political or personal reasons. christie is facing the
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republican nomination for president and has been spending time campaigning outside of new jersey. donald trump is riding high in the polls but his path to the white house may have hit the speed bump when asked about even policy from a radio she. we have a report from washington. >> reporter: donald trump said in a radio interview thursday night that he is prepared to be the next command inner chief. >> i will be so good the at the military your head will spin. >> reporter: republican date, stumbled on the hugh hewitt show when asked about the leaders of the various terrorist groups. >> so the difference between hezbollah and hamas does not matter to you yet but it will. >> it will when it ace pope eighth. i will know more about it then you know, and believe me, it won't take me long. >> reporter: trump dismissed the interview saying he witt asked gotcha questions but he witt is also one of the moderators for one of the next g.o.p. debate and said these are the type of questions, likely to be asked. >> are those questions fair for hewitt to ask the candidate in this next debate. >> in question bit. i think foreign policy is in
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the mind of a lot of the american people, what will the next president do to deal with hamas, hezbollah and isis. >> reporter: trump opponents wasted little time in going after him. >> the great threat in our country today is islamic terrorism. you have to know hot the players are for sure and i'm sure he will bone up on this now but thinks a serious tiehl. >> reporter: trump campaign announced friday he will give a speech about national security aboard the battleship u.s.s. iowa the night before the next debate. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". vice-president joe biden, says that he is in the sure about a run for the white house. speaking at a synagogue at atlanta he made it clear his family comes first. >> the most relevant factor in my desituation is whether my family has the emotional energy to run. some might think that is not
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appropriate. >> biden's son beau died of brain cancer in may. the vice-president sought the oval office in 1988 and 2008 but dropped out both of those times. well, defiant county clerk from kentucky who refused to issue same sex marriage licenses remains behind bars. kim davis is a born again christian and says god's moral law prevents her from issuing licenses to the same sex couples. the judge who put her in jail plans to revice that it decision in the the week. deputy clerks at rowan county courthouse where davis works started issuing same sex marriage licenses. a federal appeals court says that a former bucks county teacher fired for what she wrote about inner blog cannot site free speech to get her job back. natalie monroe was fired from central bucks school district in 2012. she described students as utterly loath son and dim. it confirmed the judge's decision to throw out her lawsuit against the district. 6:10. suffering through allergies is
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never fun, right? new remedy for your sniffling, sneezing could be in your own kitchen, that is straight ahead in the healthwatch. also down the the shore everything is all right for foulke, looking for one more weekend to celebrate summer, boardwalk will get crowded, we will see how business is shaping up as summer comes to a close, lot of information on this holiday weekend, we will be right back.
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cucumbers sold in new jersey and 26 other states are being recalled after the produce was link to the salmonella out break. one person died and dozens of others are sick. recall effects andrew and williams fresh produce cucumbers sold under limited edition label after august 1st this he were imported from mexico. health officials say they are likely source of the out break that made more than 280 people sick. on the cbs-3 healthwatch an allergy alert for the holiday weekend. ragweed levels are apparently very high and for millions of people with hay fever these final days of summer can be especially miserable. health reporter stephanie stahl has some help for you. >> reporter: made in america concerts among many outdoor activities this holiday weekend, for people with allergies to ragweed it might be challenging. pollen, usually peaks at labor day.
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>> even though it is not an illness it can make you feel bad. >> it is sneezing, running nose, sore throats, itching every where. there have been times when i have been down if i didn't have medication. >> reporter: doctors say for people with ragweed allergies now is a critical time to start taking your medications. >> people wait too long, and they wait until very symptomatic and they start taking medicines but you are kind of behind the eight ball because you are catching up. >> reporter: some believe things in your pant try could fight allergy symptoms like pine apples high in a chemical whether a anti histamine effect. also foods like cinnamon, ginger, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes can have an anti-inflammatory effect and for supplement users vitamin c and omega three fatty acid are helpful too. >> we don't have really good well designed stud that is says eating these food does this benefit but we know that those products in the food and that they can be helpful. >> reporter: doctors say
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mornings are the worst time for pollen so if you need to be outside afternoon and evening are better. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lot of people want to be outside today. weather watchers are up with observation this is morning. the lets take a look at the what we have got here. we will start with this 169 degrees, matthew sent this from conshohocken and still got 79 percent humidity. we will see that get better. he said finally cooler weather, very nice, good morning, matthew, a grew, it vice nice. further south 71 degrees, delores sent this in newark and she too is seeing humidity. she says warm, with thick clouds for her, she says it looks like rain, so, i don't think you'll get any rain but we will keep an eye on that. let's head down the shore, lets take a live look at our neighborhood network. 72 degrees. it is quiet on the boardwalk here in rehoboth but that beach is going to be filled with beach umbrellas heading
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in the afternoon today. notice wind at 60 miles an hour. that will be part of the forecast today down the the shore, it will be breezy out there we are at 72 in philadelphia right now. sixty-nine in reading and 72 down in atlantic city. the let's zoom down, and take a look, barnegat light at 71. cape may 73. rehoboth 73 degrees for you too. here's the current wind speed out of the northeast today. 13 miles an hour in atlantic city. twelve in wildwood. there will be a breeze out there, that can be nice for the the most part but too breezy and we have to take a break. it is very nice on storm scan three. you can see not worried about any showers right now, if we have cloud, they should be clearing out relatively soon. just a few blips on the radar there and that too is gone, gone, gone when the the sun comes up. we are looking good. lots of sunshine. temperatures just in the 80's, high of 84 in the city, which is such a welcome break from the 90's that we have been seeing lately. if you are heading down to the shore for the three days, it
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really is a a lovely forecast. upper 70's for saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine. we will that breeze with us today. should calm down through the weekend. mostly sunny skies on machine for labor day but pushing in the 80's. so an indication of a little heat coming our way, now, i also want to mention we have that wind at the cher today but that northeasterly flow kind of helps to drive, some of that wind toward the shore and can create rip currents. moderate risk. head up at the beach, check with your life guard, make sure they always know where trouble spots are. if you check with them first you will be all set. if you are a staying in the city to day, beautiful weekend. the not just shore that gets nice temperatures, we are talking mid 80's for made in america festival where thousands upon thousands are going to be, and i certainly noticed it yesterday, driving around, there is a lot of people in town. not too bad today. beautiful day to get outside, much better than 90's that we had yesterday. in the poconos gorgeous weekend as well, saturday in the mid 70's.
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we will see a warm up toward labor day yet again, and so an indication that we will get this gorgeous weekend but we have some more heat heading our way which isn't great news but we will get to that in a second. it is beautiful. 84 degrees. get out and enjoy it. humidity is so much lower. you can feel it walking out the the door. tonight nice ape clear, great night to be outside, low of 62 e out of the east at five to 10 miles an hour. there it is, your stunning weekend saturday and sunday. the here's warm up heading in to monday. we will see low 90's, tuesday and wednesday, so, that heat comes with the side of humidity. we will deal with that too rolling toward end of the next week thunderstorms, expect, upper 80's, thursday and friday, we will see a break from that heat but just a little september sizzle. >> little something. kyla, thank you. with the unofficial end of summer people are trying to get in that one last hooray at the jersey shore. who could blame them, right? tourism officials a say this
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has been a record year for crowds and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more on that story. >> reporter: with cool, wet sand between their toes colleen sprinkle and their daughter spent the last day collecting shells and making memories. >> my god, the weather was warm, warm sunny days on the beach. >> there was a a large crowd after towns what say there was a stellar summer. >> i would say two main factors are weather. everything at jersey shore is weather dependent. second one has been very affordable gas prices, day trippers coming back especially in the so-called soft days on tuesday and wednesday. >> reporter: officials say last summer cape may county saw $5.8 billion into your wrist many revenues. this year expenditures are up 5 percent, traffic 7 percent, and lodging 9 percent. and avalon ice cream manager nancy stone says people are ready to eat out and often this summer. >> it was pretty steady during week. weekend are busy every weekend. >> reporter: this labor day
6:21 am
weekend is shaping up to be the the last hooray many were hoping to see. >> it is absolutely gorgeous, weather perfect, water is amazing and this is best place on earth. >> reporter: shore towns have marketed themselves is lots of free events like movies on the beach here in avalon, and those festivity continue at the shore throughout the fall. in avalon i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and whether you are down the shore or in the city, maybe suburbs, there are plenty of things to do this labor day weekend. we have a full list on cbs you'll find it right there on the home page. a project for 36 affordable town homes kicks off in port richmond. this blighted lot here will be the site of the grace town homes and they will be made available to families and friend. they will have the option to eventually own them. it is a partnership between a affordable housing developer and the baptist church. the homes are expected to be move in ready by the fall of 2016. very exciting. 6:21. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a pair of old buddies
6:22 am
hits the trail. we will preview a walk in the woods, starring robert red forward and nick n theolte. she has only appeared in public twice but princess charlotte is making a huge impression already. hume impact she's having on th good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism,
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scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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if you are a colbert fan
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the wait is almost over. oh, boy look at at him dance. three days left until steve than colbert takes over on the late show, do not miss late night laughs starting tuesday night the at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cb is. three. robert redford and nick nolte take on the appalachian trail in the new movie walk in the wood. their walk turns in toy a trip of a lifetime. susan marquez has the the look at robert redford's latest big screen adventure. >> i want to explore nature and get back to my roots. >> robert redford plays bill bryson who took on the trail despite his wife's protest. >> you have gone mad. >> my old tent, what do you think. >> it is an impulse he has to follow through on and when challenged, he cannot explain it. that is the thing i love most. >> reporter: he convinced his troubled friend steven cast, played by nick nolte to go for the 2,000-mile hike. >> nature is part of my life,
6:26 am
and in the film, it was always intended that the environment be a third character in the film. >> reporter: seventy-nine year-old brought his best selling book in the big screen a year and a half after nolte signed on as a co-star. >> good for us. play dead. >> we are dead. >> reporter: two friend in their 07's run into plenty of trouble. >> we have to starting our age. >> just as long as you are a alive. >> redford said he made the film with the older audience, in mind,. >> and cbs news, los angeles. and the royal family now. four months old, and only been, and home and, five
6:27 am
million-dollar, and british economy. that is one and a half billion dollars. and, by the the way, prince george is set to be king one day. the princess has more reason all of the rage. retailers call it, the the charlotte effect. aim sure they are loving every minute of it. >> we will be right back.
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the made in america festival, kicks off this afternoon, i'm syma chowdhry with a live report coming up. and, a local town plans to stop people from drinking and driving, how you can catch a ride home this holiday weekend. also, the eagles trade matt barclay find out what this will mean for tebow and rest of the season. today is saturday september 5th, good morning, to you i'm so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. 6:30. we will send on it to kyla grogan on the sky deck. >> it is almost chilly, dairy say it. >> and, that is going to get better rolling in the afternoon. we have some cloud rolling in at the shore but just don't worry, folks, those clouds will be out of here but for right now it looks a little bit more cloud covery. we will get rid of those.
6:31 am
we will talk about what we have to look forward to, mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures which you feel when you walk outside the door and lower humidity which you can feel and when you look at my hair it is not as huge as it was yesterday. that is for sure. 72 degrees right now looking live at center city. you can see included cover. still humidity in the air too and we will see that burn off too, there were 73 percent. taking a live look at storm scan 36789 you can see a few of those cloud rolling in from the off shore direction, and, so we will see, clearing, as we get in the afternoon but i think our morning will be hit with a few cloud, out there, not bad though, we will work our way to 84 degrees to day in philadelphia nice one at the shore as well with the up are 70's and mid 70's in the poconos and everybody should be looking at a really nice afternoon, as we start to roll role forward here. so what to look forward to? well, a wonderful weekend. low humidity. very pleasant out here, we are going to be heating up again for labor day, so if you thought that the heat was over, then the 90's were gone, not quite yet. it looks like we could see a
6:32 am
few lower 90's heading in to next week. i will talk about that in the seven day forecast, nicole, back to you. >> yeah, not so fast, kyla, thanks. last holiday weekend for summer and many people are heading down in the the shore especially in new jersey and delaware trying to get in that last one last bit of fun this ace live picture from ocean city, new jersey. beautiful there. quite kind of quiet at this hour. in just a few hours many will take a ride and go for a walk on the boardwalk and get some fries, funnel cake, ice cream that sound so nice. also, the beach, it was packed friday with many soaking up the sun, tourism officials say this has been a record year for crowds and in avalon, beach tag sales, actually hit an all time high. >> the the two main factors are weather, everything at the new jersey shore is weather dependent. second one has been very affordable gas prices, listing day trippers come back on the soft days on tuesday and wednesday. >> love to hear. that officials say last summer cape may county saw $5.8 billion, into your wrist many revenue.
6:33 am
this year expenditures are up 5 percent, traffic is up 7 percent and lodging is up nine percent. so that is always good. well, hey made in america festival kicks off today, and big crowds are expected, during will open up at noon, and concert is a all sold out. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live on the ben franklin parkway where they are putting on the finishing touches, same, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. fourth annual made in america music festival that kicks off this afternoon. finishing touches are pretty much done. all they need right now is just some music and some concert goers. today's head liner is beyonce, and tomorrow, the weekend is head lining this year there will be five stages with 62 acts. the first performance kicks off this afternoon, 70,000 people are expect to fill the parkway, both days. now, even though that is less than what is expected in the papal visit officials are treating this weekend's event as a practice run for when the pope comes especially when it comes to crowd control for an
6:34 am
outdoor ticketed event. >> the reason why you can say it is a dry run because there are just certain things that have to be done no matter what you do and in a outdoor event, make sure that everybody has, is on the same channels. that know all of the protocols. that understand how to get things done. >> reporter: if you are coming down expect to be checked by security, you won't aloud to bring any food or beverage but you air loud to bring a bottle of the water. don't brink any signs, posters, chairs or glow sticks just bring an attitude of fun and maybe some dancing shoes. i'll send it back to you. >> get down with all those beyonce songs, syma, thanks. for more on the road closures around made in america festival here's cbs-3's meisha johnson. >> reporter: hey guys, as we head in the weekend, this is what you will want to know as you hit the roadways. now first made in america festival is this weekend so plan on some road closures. all of the major roads around
6:35 am
ben franklin parkway and art museum area will be closed. inner lanes of the parkway are closed until tuesday morning, and then the out are lanes are closed until sunday night. from saturday morning until sunday night, expect closures on the kelly drive, martin luther king drive, spring garden street and pennsylvania avenue. some good alternate would be the vine street expressway, fairmount avenue and jfk boulevard, all of which will be opened. secondly, you can see this, septa will be offering additional services during the the festival to help you get around, regional rails will have extra late night services, broad street line and market frankford line will be running every five minutes during the day on saturday and sunday, and some trolleys will be offering addition aal services for those attending the the festival as well. keep in mind that these septa buses will be detoured during the festival. that should do it from the cbs traffic center i'm meisha johnson have a great labor day weekend.
6:36 am
happening to take football returns to the link, temple owls kick off their season against penn state the at lincoln financial field. there won't be an empty seat, for this thing, it is all sold out last year a disappointing one for tonight the any lions finishing seven-six. owls went six-have a year ago. kick off is set for 3:30 this afternoon. also happening to take eagles finalize their roster, the third string quarterback fight appearing to be over. eagles have traded matt barclay to the arizona cardinals for a conditional seventh round draft pick in 2015. this means that the eagles will be hanging on to tim tebow to backup sam bradford and mark sanchez. chip kelly has until this afternoon to finalize that roster so tebow likely sticking and leaving mixed emotions by talking head here in town. >> matt barclay stung. he has been here for three years now and he still i don't think he has thrown a touch town pass in preseason or regular season. he is terrible.
6:37 am
>> neither one is any g they should keep two questionnaire quarterbacks. he played well yesterday but reality is he spent a whole bunch of time in his career to show if he is in goody don't air what you did in the fourth preseason game. >> all right. through have it. hopefully eagles will not have to use that third string quarterback. there are fans out there for tim tebow. little something extra for that. 6:37. and kick off to the opening game of the nfl season is just days away. that means it is time to get serious about making your fantasy football picks n this tech minute c sharon profis has app toss help you pick the players and keep up with the latest if the ball news. >> reporter: up to the minute naus about players on your team, down load team stream, that will let you custom updates to keep track of your player's stats. the if the status have the the player ace a game time decision you'll know in time to switch him on your roster. ready to set your line up but
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still on the fence about a position check out who do i start? that will do crowd surf the answer by asking other users to weigh n you can find out project difficulty of the match up a and get push notifications for breaking news about specific players. finally, don't forget to pick up the app for your fantasy league, cbs sports fantasy lets you manage your team, add and drop players and like other app is it lets you keep tabs on breaking news to affect your game. for more recommending like this visit, i am in san francisco, i'm sharon profis for for cbs news. 6:38. well deserved honor for philadelphia tsa agents. tsa employees connie le bob and le chandra mcqueen and brian mcqueen received the hero's award from the american heart a association. they saved life of the george sangler who had a heart attack this summer. they revived him and doctors have given him the okay.
6:39 am
>> they did quite a job, keeping my heart going with cpr. >> yes, yes. >> i was bruised for about a month. >> look at that, able to laugh about it now. when asked one of the tsa agents who helped save him said helping people was just part of her job. very helpful there. still ahead on "eyewitness news" rubix cube pretty tough to solve, right? a nine year-old came up with a robot that can do it the for you. we will have his invention coming up next. we have not hit labor day just yet but it is never too early to start thinking about flights for thanksgiving and christmas. my goodness. are we here yet? three on your side to explain why now could be the best time to book, so we will have details on that. and meteorologist kyla grogan returned with the holiday forecast and look at what could be our next and perhaps final heat wave of the season. we will be right back.
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water is back on for residents in the northeast philadelphia park wood section. 8-inch main ruptured early yesterday causing a massive sinkhole in the mid on the street that left nearly 60 homes without water. the gaping hole shut down traffic, intersection of the chalfont drive and academy road. >> woke up by helicopters, and flashing lights and i thought they were looking for somebody and then turned water on and no water.
6:43 am
i come out to this. i'm like no, not again. >> yeah, residents say this is second sinkhole that opened up in just the the last few weeks. there is no word when repairs and, into traffic. and just in time to get around safely this holiday weekend a a designated drivers program is underway in evesham township new jersey. great idea. offers free rides home from area bars and restaurants. thirty day program is a available at burlington county resident. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones takes a closer look. >> reporter: knocking back a couple drinks police are hoping you remember sean english, nine year-old killed in 2009 on route 07 by a drunk driver, a crash that still haunt evesham township police. >> as one of the first officers on the scene, it sticks with you forever, not only impact it had with our officers but also the english family and entire community. >> reporter: that is why township is launching is what billed as first of the kind 30
6:44 am
day pilot program. >> you are in one of our restaurant and bars we will bring you home for free. >> reporter: starting friday night, if you are an evesham resident shuttles will drop people off at their home for free if they have had too much to drink. george lapas owns marlton tavern. >> do you think people will use these shuttles. >> encouraging somebody to forfeit their keys is sometimes hard but with patients, usually people will comply. >> reporter: if you live outside a township you can get a discounted rate for sober sam, car service that takes you and your car home. and yes, there is an app for it. >> it the will show you when the next shuttle is coming to your location. >> reporter: as of 10:00 o'clock friday night in one here utilized the shuttle services. it will run weekend nights, and to learn more about it, you can down load evesham township police department's app. reporting from marlton, new jersey, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:45 am
pottish american festival and country fairies taking place at national shine of our lady of czestochowa in doylestown. family fun event features world class entertainment, fun ride, food and drinks. festival kicks off this weekend and happening again next weekend from 11:00 to 8:00 p.m. that is what happens we we talk all things polish. there is still so much coming up on cbs this morning the saturday. anthony mason joins us live with that preview. good morning. >> happy labor day weekend. >> thank you. >> cuba gets ready for its close-up as increasing numbers of people begin to travel to the island. we will show you some of the problems that are already popping up. and, in the future you could be paid not to work. here ominous prediction from the leading expert in artificial intelligence. they are not biggest but they are typically the best, as summer wraps up, we will preview the fall movie season. there are some good ones too. >> plus your eye opener, dish, music in your saturday session
6:46 am
just ahead on cbs this morning. >> you mention that had story being paid not to work. >> you're looking forward to that. >> kyla grogan said, um, show us more. >> yes, extra pay on a holiday weekend. >> you said it, sister. >> thanks for the the preview. got a need for speed but your family needs an suv? well, bentley's new bentaga may be the vehicle for you, luxury car maker's first suv and faster car in the class. bentley says 12 cylinder suv hit 187 miles an hour, on the test track. that is not even safe. bentley plans to unveil fast suv in germany next week but who can afford a bentley, you know, geese. well, are you all set to enjoy the long holiday weekend, given any thought to the remaining holidays this year? labor day unofficially wraps up summer and before you know it, it is thanksgiving, christmas, right around the
6:47 am
corn are. if you plan to travel during those holiday three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice for you. >> it is a question almost every air traveler thinks about when is best time to book holiday tickets. new survey bay travel search site sky scanner, found thaw can find cheap flights if you purchased them at the the right time. the for instance survey found travelers looking to fly from thanksgiving are better a off booking week of september 14th. procrastinators may fine late deals the week of november 9th. people looking to fly for christmas are better a off booking this week or week of september 28th. there are a lot of benefit to book early. >> if you don't want middle seat, if you don't want 5:00 a.m. departure or red eye flight, it is better book early. >> reporter: frequent flier roger seaman says he books in the summer for winter. >> it is cheaper and flights are available and prices go up as you get closer to the holidays. >> reporter: george hobica
6:48 am
founder of airfare watch says the best way to lock in on a cheap fairies to sign up for fair alerts and dowry search. >> airfares are like the stock market. they go up and down all day long. keep checking, several times a day and do it over a fairly long period like two or three weeks. >> reporter: having flexible travel dates and opting for connect flights will increase your success in finding cheaper fares. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim ton van. good advice, i want that planning that farrah head. eyewitness weather watchers good morning. we need a theme song. nicole and i were talking about it. maybe someone can compose weather watchers. we will see. some kind of a jingle is out there. i think it is out there let's say good morning to julia. 71 degrees where she is. she has a few clouds but she says happy labor day weekend to everybody. thank you, julia, happy labor day weekend to you too. i will zoom n lets look closer here. we will try this 171 degrees. phil good morning phil.
6:49 am
he is one of our weather watchers. he has 75 percent humidity. great start to the labor day weekend. it is a great start. if you are one of the people that have clouds, don't worry, hell dissipate throughout the day. lets look live right now, at kutztown, if we can, 66 degrees. i think this is, indicative of what a lot of viewers are seeing as they wake up this morning. we have a pretty decent cloud cover out there. and, that, sunnies trying to peak through. you can see it make its way through. the as we get in the afternoon those cloud will give us a break and our sunshine will be here. hang in there. 72 degrees in philadelphia 69 in reading. sixty-six in lancaster. the mount pocono, waking up to about 63 degrees and atlantic city, coming in at 71. we will zoom in here and we will look at palmyra where it is 72 degrees, cooler, in quakertown sitting at 64. good morning to you there hour bine hour we are going to see those clouds give us a break rolling in the afternoon. eighty's today, in the 90's. isn't that nice to sigh as we
6:50 am
look at our hour by hour forecast. sunshine will be coming in later on in the the day. we will wait for those cloud to roll roll out. you can see some of them are pushing in from the shore. so, that will get better. do you see blips on the radar. they are dying out over there i don't think we will see any rain to speak of today. should be a dry day. sunshine on the the way. we have wind to contend w in particular down the shore. wildwood 12 miles an hour. it will be a a nice beach day but we will have a breeze down there, if we get that breezy, flow, it can increase, our rip current risk. we have a nor'easterly flow making it towards the shore and that can help set us up. make sure if you have kids that will head out, today, that they are keeping an eye on them and making sure you know if there are any problems, check in with the life guard. look at your labor day shore cast, beautiful temperatures. we will have low clouds, we will get those 07's today and tomorrow lots of sunshine. little humidity returning as we head in the labor day on
6:51 am
monday. break from the heat not complete for weekend but for saturday and sunday for humidity it should be fine. heading to made in america and thousands of you are, we are looking at really nice temperature, mid 80's, warm and sunny and that is a a big one not too humid. that is the difference. pock necessary will be gorgeous place to be. i'm full of good news. i'm telling you it is hot and horrible, it is gorgeous, get outside. zero seven's in the poconos. the beautiful sunshine. enjoy it. warming up in the 80's on monday too. not immune from the warm up we will be seeing. eighty-four. sunny and pleasant once we kick these included to the curb. wind north east at five to 10 miles an hour. lower humidity will make it feel nice. get out and enjoy it, another time to take a stroll outside, sunset at 7:26. we are losing two minutes a day. that is another reason to enjoy it. here's your seven day forecast. it is a good looking weekend
6:52 am
we dough warm up on monday. humidity returning. yes, a few 90's possible into tuesday and wednesday, another pop up heat, coming your way but we will cool down, thursday and friday with stormy weather coming our way. do you love watching weather? you must if you are tuning in right now. you can be featured by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign upright now at cbs, miss nicole, over to you. >> we will have a jingle to go with that. >> i hope so. >> something to look forward to. >> here's a flash back from the 80's the rubix cube, right? i haven't heard that in a while. nineteen year-old from missouri said he wanted to find a short cut to solve the difficult puzzle. a as we report, the boy built a robot to solve the cube for him. >> reporter: we have been there, burning hours trying to get those colors on the same side but this was easy, right. >> very difficult, and it took about 500 pieces. >> i stand correct, nine year-old noah got this lego gift from santa he decided to
6:53 am
build this, a lego robot that solves the rubix cube. >> his arm makes a sensor go out over the cube, scans it this one down here turns this table and then this one controls his arm report report got all that. me neither. noah does. he adds there were a few glitches. >> we thought we fried the battery. >> i put a motor on here backwards and could not figure out how to put this brain on because it is strapped on. >> reporter: meaning. >> cube errors, you name it. >> reporter: others have built other devices but this is unique and with help from dad, it was unwill being mystery in in time. >> it took 42 moves and two minutes and 23.4 seconds. >> but it is fragile. >> see this when this is in the wrong port disaster can happen. >> reporter: as for old fashion way to solve it. >> i haven't tried to solve
6:54 am
one yet. >> but i bet he he could do it. that is one smart kid. that was incredible. i used to peel stickers off and rearrange them. simple minded will folks do that was allah an ship reported. next thing up for noah a robotics team competition in november. go noah, you can do it. we will
6:55 am
the road to hell is paved with good intentions. % mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
6:56 am
i've got very good news. >> first of all, we had someone tweet us and said they were switching stations. >> i love that. >> i said why wait, change that channel. >> come on over. >> what were you watching to begin with. >> i'm watching weather and it is looking great. look at your seven day forecast, beautiful weekend, those clouds will be out of here this afternoon. we will see mid 80's.
6:57 am
we will warm up monday and we see a few 90's. >> yes. >> but lower 90's. but expect that humidity to make a return monday. that is the deal folks. we have a great weekend. >> it is lower 90's so it is okay. >> it is not 95. >> good point. >> i'm trying. >> kyla thanks. that is "eyewitness news" for now we are signing off on television but always on line at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next, make it a great weekend. we will see you in the morning. make sure you keep it here. don't switch channels on us. >> nope, stink around.
6:58 am
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good morning. it's september 5th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." exhausted and relieved. thousands of desperate migrants are given clear passage to austr austria. plus, stumbles for the democratic and republican front-runners. hillary clinton and donald trump take heat over their latest interviews. in the future could you be paid not to work? the ominous prediction from a leading expert on artificial intelligence. and it's out with the b


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